Connecting your
items, digitally

We combine our deep understanding of connected technology and industrial applications to provide integrated solutions that accurately identify, monitor, and digitally track your items.


Rail & Freight

  • Improve safety by identifying problems ahead of time

  • Connect vehicles & parts with online maintenance records

  • Gain real-time notifications of vehicle arrivals

  • Identify parts & assemblies to component level


Returnable assets

  • Gain complete visibility of your entire asset pool
  • Facilitate per-movement charging to customers
  • Maintain digital records of usage & maintenance
  • Run proactive maintenance, washing & repairs



  • Streamline production and enable JIT manufacturing

  • Optimise returnable assets around the supply chain

  • Operate virtual stock locations and VMI

  • Maintain online records of components & assemblies


Oil & gas

  • Monitor & manage the location & health of pipes

  • Hold accurate digital records of maintenance & repair

  • Ensure authenticity & compliance of assets & components

  • Track people, tools and critical assets

What we offer

Our area of speciality is delivering identification and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions within challenging applications – typically where the complexity of the environment (dirty, fast moving, large and complex items) makes the project challenging.

We offer a diverse range of services, allowing you to choose exactly how you wish to engage with us, from consultancy and proof of concepts to full solution delivery, including system design, project management, commissioning, installation, and support. Across each of these engagements, our team call upon our expertise with item identifier selection & origination, identification hardware, and vision & sensing devices, all of which are supported by the Coriel software platform and our extensive industry experience.