About us

We combine our deep understanding of connected technology and industrial applications to provide integrated solutions that accurately identify, monitor, and digitally track your items.

Coriel is a specialist systems integrator, focused on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 solutions. Over the last 12 years of delivering projects, our team has built an extensive knowledge base, together with the expertise needed to implement reliable solutions that deliver immediate, value-driven business benefits.

Our specific expertise lies in digitally connecting items, enabling process automation, and developing the business tools needed to enhance operations within industrial application sectors. By working closely and collaboratively with our customers, we gain a deep and intrinsic understanding of their business needs and strategic goals, which allows us to design, implement and support solutions that typically exceed the original commercial objectives.

As an end-to-end solution provider, it’s important that we can deliver value where it is needed most to your business, which is why we offer a broad range of services and ways in which you can engage with us. This includes:

Full solution stack

We offer a full integration solution stack, from the selection, origination and supply of tags & barcodes, through readers, sensors, and software integration to your existing systems via the Coriel software platform.

Installation, post installation and support

As you would expect, all our solutions are installed and supported by our team of expert engineers, giving you the confidence that your investment will continue to deliver value well into the future.

Project management & commissioning

Although most of our customers do have internal project support and sponsors, we typically allocate resource from our side to work in tandem with the team. Here we coordinate the project from beginning to end, ensuring that it is delivered, installed, and commissioned as planned.

Consultancy / proof of concept

If you wish to understand where RFID or IoT solutions can add the most value to your business, or you’ve reached the point where a proof of concept is required, then we have a wealth of experience in delivering both practical consulting and the hands-on installations required to test a system to its limits.

Uniquely, Coriel is entirely vendor and technology agnostic, which means we are always able to supply the best-fit technology to meet your business objectives and long-term strategic goals, without bias towards vendors or platforms.