Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Detect the presence and the unique identification of vehicles instantly and automatically, providing notifications and alerts to systems downstream.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Automatic Vehicle Indentification (AVI) systems offer the ability to detect the presence of vehicles instantly and automatically – together with their unique identity. This information can be used to simply log movements over time, or the Coriel platform can provide notifications and alerts to systems downstream – allowing people or software systems to prepare for the pending arrival.

Typical applications of AVI include rail and freight identification, electronic toll collection, gate access/automation & yard management, all of which can be combined with a variety of sensing technologies to combine accurate vehicle identification with visual damage/condition assessments, weigh, direction of travel and much more. 

Why would you want to automatically identify your vehicles?

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Streamline maintenance depots

With AVI readers positioned at strategic points down the road, track or at pinch points throughout a site, maintenance depot staff and systems can ready themselves for the pending arrival of the vehicle, ensuring staff, tools and parts are ready to go. This allows for vehicles to be serviced at speed, getting them back into service as soon as possible, reducing downtime and saving huge amounts.

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Automatically trigger third-party systems

Our AVI solution can be used to automatically trigger and provide identification information to a range of third-party systems such as weigh scales, fault detection camera systems or maintenance tools, providing the critical link between the sensed information and the vehicle itself.  Read our Alstom case study as an example of this system in action.

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Record vehicle combinations

Within the rail & freight industry, rarely does and engine pass a given location without towing a collection of passenger carriages, freight, trailers and containers – each of which can be identified using their own RFID tag. Tagging each major vehicle allows the Coriel platform to report the complete combination identified, together with the order in which they passed a given point of interest.

Intelligently manage and optimise your fleet of vehicles, understanding where they are right now

Make informed decisions by analysing movement and usage data, allowing you to reduce costs

Optimise your people and systems based on knowing the accurate arrival of vehicles to a destination

Why our customers choose us.

We have a deep understanding of the complex issues around identifying, monitoring and digitally tracking vehicles in typically challenging industrial applications such as the rail industry, where vehicles are usually travelling at speed, spend most of their time outdoors and are often exposed to dirt, chemicals and oils. Providing reliable AVI solutions in these harsh condition is where we excel. 

Where is this solution being used?

Solutions For

Rail & Freight

  • Improve safety by identifying problems ahead of time

  • Connect parts with online maintenance records

  • Gain advanced notification of freight arrivals

  • Identify parts & assemblies to component level

Success stories

The Alstom TrainScanner system quickly analyses the condition of critical parts on engines, carriages and freight vehicles as they drive though the portal. Coriel provide the critical identification technology for this project.

Coriel work extensively with the Network Rail team to provide the item-level passive RFID tags applied to their fleet of engines, carriages and freight vehicles. These identification devices are then used by partners across the world.

VTG manage over 95,000 railcars within their wagon hire fleet using solutions from Coriel that help ensure each car is inspected & maintained to the highest standard for their customers.

Explore other relevant service areas below


Component / Assembly Identification

  • Ensure assemblies contain the correct parts

  • Manage auditable maintenance

  • Handle complex product recalls


Automatic Vehicle Identification 

  • Intelligently manage your vehicle fleet

  • Reduce cost using insights & usage data

  • Optimise people & systems based on accurate arrival data


Production line / WIP visibility

  • Track the status of your WIP items

  • Reduce hold-ups across the production line

  • Identify bottlenecks and quickly rectify


Item level identification 

  • Link your physical items and cloud based data

  • Hold essential information for instant access

  • Facilitate on-demand production


Vendor-Managed Inventory

  • Reduce low-volume transportation costs

  • Manage your cashflow

  • Virtually eliminate dedicated stock-taking


Safety & compliance

  • Build a complete audited history of an item

  • Quickly trace items in the event of emergency

  • Access critical safety information


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

  • Accurately track your tools

  • Carry out automated maintenance checks

  • Ensure maintenance accuracy


Warranty & post sales management

  • Verify warranty covered items

  • Link physical items with cloud based documentation

  • Introduce alerts on out-of-warranty events

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