Brand protection and traceability

Coriel’s connected technologies let you protect your brand & reputation by ensuring authenticity of your supply chain and returned items.

Brand protection & traceability

Your brand is likely your most important asset. It tells people what you do and infers the quality of your product, which is synonymous with the reputation you have built up over the years. Protecting your brand should not only be paramount to your business, but also to your customers – giving them confidence that the goods they receive are genuine and therefore of the quality they expect. 

Our luxury brand protection and traceability solution is a practically invisible yet highly secure method of assigning a digital signature to physical products, which can then be used for identification, authentication and traceability at various stages throughout a supply chain – and even extend beyond once a purchase has been made.


Did you know that over 41 million items were seized by officials in 2019, with a market value of over £670 billion?

The key to secure brand protection is extending the identifier from SKU-level (where every size/colour of a coat for example, shares the same code) to per-item-level. This shift allows for individual items to have a record stored in the cloud – available to be securely queried by a host of integrated systems.

Why would you want to protect your brand or confirm authenticity?

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Protecting your brand and it’s

It is only a matter of time before inferior quality products bearing your brand begin to damage your reputation and your bottom line. Loss of sales, product recalls, negative reviews, bad PR and even potential lawsuits are all avoidable if the consistent quality of genuine goods can be guaranteed.

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Identifying weak entry points in your supply chain

Most grey goods reach the end customer via the official supply chain of the effected companies – with the unauthorised products being introduced at weak points. RFID brand protection allows you to identify the exact entry point and act quickly, with accurate and audited information available to support your investigations.

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Only providing warranty support on genuine products

In many cases the quality of unauthorised goods entering the supply chain may look the same as your official products, but short-cuts will have been taken, reducing their lifetime. Our RFID brand protection solution ensures only genuine products are returned/replaced under warranty.

Protect your brand and reputation by eliminating grey market copies of your products and IP

Quickly establish when and where unauthorised products enter your supply chain

Ensure items returned at the store are authentic and qualify for a replacement or refund

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Production line / WIP visibility

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Item level identification 

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  • Hold essential information for instant access

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Stock Management 

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Warranty & post sales management

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  • Link physical items with cloud based documentation

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