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Transforming JIT part delivery, line-side production, quality control, and stock management with powerful identification solutions

Most organisations tend to focus their automation / identification efforts on supply chain logistics, typically post production. Clearly, there are numerous benefits to doing this, but the massive potential for optimisations and cost savings across production and manufacturing should not be overlooked, with challenges such as Just in Time (JIT) part delivery, security & authentication, quality control, stock management, and line-side production all able to benefit hugely by the implementation of identification and sensing solutions.

We have a proven track record in working with customers where harsh production conditions such as extremes in temperature, high humidity, abrasion, or the presence of chemicals and other fluids all make implementing accurate identification and sensing solutions challenging, but arguably offer the greatest return on investment.

Where do we deliver value?

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Streamline production lines and enable true JIT manufacturing

Implementing a combination of complementary technologies, including identification, sensing and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) across the production process can provide a level of optimisation that is simply not achievable through process alone. Our solutions enable production lines to run more fluidly, bottlenecks to be eliminated and potential line-stopping problems to be identified before they become an issue.

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Optimise the use of returnable assets around the supply chain

Managing returnable assets is a challenge across the supply chain, but perhaps none more so than within the manufacturing environment, where a shortage of parts can have critical implications and severe cost penalties. Our solutions allow you to manage your returnable assets reliably and accurately – whether owned by you or leased from a pool provider – ensuring you always have sufficient items available.

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Virtual stock locations with Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

VMI essentially allows your vendor to place an agreed stockholding on your site as unique inventory, allowing you to take parts and components as you need them. The replenishment is taken care of by the vendor, and you are only billed as consumed. Our solutions facilitate this arrangement by providing an easy way for you to consume stock and your partner to monitor stock levels.

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An online digital record of components and assemblies

Core to every solution we provide is the connecting of physical items to a unique and accurate online ‘digital twin’ record. This record can contain a range of information for use across the manufacturing process and beyond, providing an extremely valuable reference of when and where an item was made, which staff were involved, the makeup of its components, quality assurance records and more.

Major benefits

Streamline production lines and enable true Just In Time manufacturing across the facility

Optimise the use of returnable assets throughout the manufacturing process & supply chain

Operate virtual stock locations with your suppliers using Vendor-Managed Inventory

Solutions for the manufacturing industry


Brand protection & traceability

  • Protect your brand & reputation

  • Ensure parts to be fitted are genuine

  • Verify warranty claims downstream


Component identification

  • Ensure assemblies contain correct parts

  • Manage records for complex parts

  • Efficiently handle product recall


Item-level identification 

  • Link physical items & digital data

  • Instant access to essential information

  • Facilitate on-demand production


Work In Progress visibility

  • Immediate visibility of WIP items

  • Ensure staff & tools are in the right place

  • Identify bottlenecks & optimise


Safety & compliance

  • Build a complete online audit history

  • Quickly trace items for recalls

  • Instant access to safety information


Vendor-Managed Inventory

  • Reduce transportation costs

  • Better manage cashflow

  • Eliminate costly stock takes

Success stories

Operating over 2.5 million returnable kegs for the brewing industry is a huge challenge, which is made significantly easier through the use of Coriel identification and tracking solutions.

Contraload are one of the industry leaders in the provision and management of returnable packaging. We work closely with the team to implement their digital tracking solutions.

VTG manage over 95,000 railcars within their wagon hire fleet using solutions from Coriel that help ensure each car is inspected & maintained to the highest standard for their customers.

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