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Identify and track parts & tools across diverse locations with a secure digital record that can lower costs and improve health & safety 

The oil and gas industry is perhaps one of the most challenging when it comes to the management of components and equipment due to the complexity of items, diversity of locations and a host of environmental conditions; yet the cost of pipes, valves, tools and parts is such that reliable identification and tracking solutions can deliver exceptional savings. Additionally, the ability to attach a ‘digital twin’ online record to these items can provide significant advantages in the sharing of data and improvements around health and safety.

We have extensive experience in implementing solutions that help identify industrial parts and tools, handle the often complex management of inventory and facilitate the secure exchange of digital information across supply chain partners. We do this across a range of industrial applications but have specific experience and proven results within the oil & gas sector.

Where do we deliver value?

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Monitor & manage the location and health of pipes & valves

Within the oil and gas industry there are a range of complexities that make managing the location & health of pipes & valves difficult, such as the often-dirty environments in which they are located, the physical abuse they take and the fact that they are very often underground – all challenges that we had to successfully overcome while implementing our identification solutions.

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Maintain an audited and accurate online digital maintenance record

Core to every solution we provide is the connecting of physical items to a unique and accurate online digital record. This record can contain a range of information, but importantly from a health and safety perspective can record the complete maintenance history of an item. This provides you with an accurate and audited history for each unique item, which can be accessed by engineers from a mobile device while they are in the field.

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Ensure products provided and maintained are genuine

Our Coriel.warranty edge application is the perfect tool for providing certification around authenticity and usage of parts and pipework used in the oil and gas industry. This provides the ability for every party in the supply chain to quickly check that parts are genuine and determine warranty implications.

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Control and manage the location and usage history of expensive tools

Together with the management of pipes and associated components, our solutions can additionally be used for the identification and tracking of expensive tools such as drills, pumps, cleaners, degassers, and stabbing guides. These high value items can be misplaced, lost or simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in expensive downtime.

Major benefits for the oil and gas industry

Monitor, manage and track the location and health of pipes & valves across diverse locations & environments

Maintain an audited and accurate online ‘digital twin’ maintenance record

Track the location and usage of expensive tools to ensure they are where they need to be and are used correctly

Solutions for the oil & gas industry


Brand protection & authenticity

  • Protect your brand & reputation

  • Ensure parts to be fitted are genuine

  • Verify warranty claims downstream


Component identification

  • Ensure assemblies contain correct parts

  • Manage records for complex parts

  • Efficiently handle product recalls


Item-level identification

  • Link physical items & digital data

  • Instant access to essential information

  • Facilitate on-demand production


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

  • Accurately track expensive tools

  • Automate maintenance checks

  • Ensure the correct parts are seviced


Safety & compliance

  • Build a complete online audit

  • Quickly trace items for recalls

  • Instant access to safety information

Success stories

ITECO have been providing services to the oil and gas industry for over 20 years and have become experts in managing the complex supply chains across the sector. We work closely with the team to implement secure solutions that help them identify parts, manage their inventory and enable the secure exchange of digital information across their supply chain.

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