Solutions for
pooled / returnable assets

Providing solutions that allow you to accurately understand the location, utilisation and condition of your asset pool

The use of pooled / returnable assets, or Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP), has increased dramatically over the last ten years as almost every industry looks to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise the waste associated with single trip packaging. The benefits of using reusable assets are clear, but for owners of these asset pools a new challenge now exists – accurately understanding the assets location, utilisation, what condition they are in, and when they can be expected back.

We work extensively in this sector to help our partners implement systems that effectively manage their asset pools and ensure their customers have product available when they need it. Our experience helps these business gain a greater level of visibility of their stock levels, while reducing overall costs. 

Where do we deliver value?

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Gain complete visibility of your pooled asset fleet

The most significant benefit that we deliver to our customers is accurately identifying where assets are within the pool. For many this could be as granular as a site, for others it could be locations with a facility, yard or production line. With our unique edge processing of items, we specialise in processing data instantly and delivering it directly to the systems that need it.

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Maintain a unique online record of usage and maintenance for each item

We specialise in identifying returnable assets and maintaining an accurate digital record associated with the item in the cloud; such as asset type, condition, and current location, together with maintaining an accurate history of previous moments and content.

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Track items movements reliably, facilitating per-use customer charging

Without an accurate and audited record of which customers currently have which assets and where they are, per-use charging models are practically impossible to implement. Our solutions deliver the precision, visibility, and integration to your existing systems to make this possible.

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Run proactive maintenance, wash & repairs based on time, state, or usage

Returnable assets naturally have a degree of wear and tear that is to be expected throughout their lifetime and, depending on their usage, may require cleaning and maintenance. We have extensive experience in combining proven asset identification with a range of vision and sensing technologies that allow items to be isolated and sent for maintenance, cleaning or repair based upon the number of usage cycle or the automated detection of damage.

Major benefits

Gain complete visibility of your pooled asset fleet, where items are and where they have been

Track items movements reliably, facilitating per-use customer charging

Run proactive maintenance, wash cycles and repairs based on elapsed time or usage

Solutions for the pooled / returnable asset industry


Brand protection & traceability

  • Protect your brand & reputation

  • Ensure returned items are genuine

  • Verify warranty claims downstream


Component identification

  • Ensure assemblies contain correct parts

  • Manage records for complex parts

  • Efficiently handle product recalls


Item-level identification

  • Link physical items & digital data

  • Instant access to essential information

  • Facilitate on-demand production


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

  • Accurately track expensive tools

  • Automate maintenance checks

  • Ensure the correct items are serviced


Safety & compliance

  • Build a complete online audit

  • Quickly trace items for recall

  • Instant access to safety information


Stock management & inventory

  • Accurately understand stock levels

  • Reduce overall stock holding

  • Increase stock count accuracy


Warranty & post-sales management

  • Verify returns items 

  • Provide an online warranty record

  • Use sensors to report warranty events

Success stories

Operating over 2.5 million returnable kegs for the brewing industry is a huge challenge, which is made significantly easier through the use of Coriel identification and tracking solutions.

Contraload are one of the industry leaders in the provision and management of returnable packaging. We work closely with the team to implement their digital tracking solutions.

VTG manage over 95,000 railcars within their wagon hire fleet using solutions from Coriel that help ensure each car is inspected & maintained to the highest standard for their customers.