Safety & compliance

Coriel safety and compliance solutions make it easier to access critical safety information, make the workplace safer and ensures critical components, assemblies and products are maintained correctly.

Safety & compliance solutions

Accurately identifying physical items and linking them to the cloud-based storage of maintenance records, usage data and documentation can transform your safety and compliance procedures. Coriel safety & compliance solutions make it easier to access critical safety information, make the workplace safer and ensure critical components, assemblies and products are maintained correctly.

Why would you want to use RFID for safety & compliance?

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Building an audited history of an item throughout its lifetime

Almost everything produced today has a lifetime and tracking critical events is more important than ever. Information such as the date of manufacture, batch number, lot number, material specifications, operator, certificates of compliance, size specifications, and equipment description all form part of a critical and auditable history. Our safety & compliance solutions digitally links all this information to physical items, making accessing the data simple and efficient.

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Quickly identifying components that are end of life

Coriel work extensively in the rail & freight and oil & gas industries, where the need to replace components and assemblies within a given lifetime is key. Our safety & compliance solutions help to identify the right parts to be replaced, informing engineers exactly where they are located and providing final in-person checks prior to parts being removed.

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Digitally recording the usage of Personal Protective Equipment

If you have a pool of PPE that can be used my multiple teams, then you should be recording usage details for safety and audit purposed. Additionally, for equipment that needs to be retired after a set number of uses or at a given age, it’s critical that you have a solution in place to automate this. Coriel’s safety & compliance solutions can make the capturing, storing and retrieval of this information simple and convenient.

Build a complete, online, digital audited history of an item throughout its lifetime and beyond

Quickly find and trace items in the event of an emergency or product recall

Instantly access safety and handling information for chemical or hazardous materials.

Where is this solution being used?


Rail & Freight

  • Improve safety by identifying problems ahead of time

  • Connect vehicles & parts with online maintenance records

  • Gain real-time notifications of vehicle arrivals

  • Identify parts & assemblies to component level


Returnable assets

  • Gain complete visibility of your entire asset pool
  • Facilitate per-movement charging to customers
  • Maintain digital records of usage & maintenance
  • Run proactive maintenance, washing & repairs



  • Streamline production and enable JIT manufacturing

  • Optimise returnable assets around the supply chain

  • Operate virtual stock locations and VMI

  • Maintain online records of components & assemblies


Oil & gas

  • Monitor & manage the location & health of pipes

  • Hold accurate digital records of maintenance & repair

  • Ensure authenticity & compliance of assets & components

  • Track people, tools and critical assets

Success stories

The Alstom TrainScanner system quickly analyses the condition of critical parts on engines, carriages and freight vehicles as they drive though the portal. Coriel provide the critical identification technology for this project.

Coriel work extensively with the Network Rail team to provide the item-level passive RFID tags applied to their fleet of engines, carriages and freight vehicles. These identification devices are then used by partners across the world.

We work closely with the ITECO team to implement secure solutions that help them identify parts, manage their inventory and enable the secure exchange of digital information across their supply chain.

Explore other relevant service areas below


Automatic Vehicle Identification 

  • Intelligently manage your vehicle fleet

  • Reduce cost using insights & usage data

  • Optimise people & systems based on accurate arrival data


Component / Assembly Identification

  • Ensure assemblies contain the correct parts

  • Manage auditable maintenance

  • Handle complex product recalls


Production line / WIP visibility

  • Track the status of your WIP items

  • Reduce hold-ups across the production line

  • Identify bottlenecks and quickly rectify


Item level identification 

  • Link your physical items and cloud based data

  • Hold essential information for instant access

  • Facilitate on-demand production


Warranty & post sales management

  • Verify warranty covered items

  • Link physical items with cloud based documentation

  • Introduce alerts on out-of-warranty events


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

  • Accurately track your tools

  • Carry out automated maintenance checks

  • Ensure maintenance accuracy


Stock Management 

  • Understand your stock levels

  • Reduce your overall stock holding

  • Increase accuracy of manual stock counts


Vendor-Managed Inventory

  • Reduce low-volume transportation costs

  • Manage your cashflow

  • Virtually eliminate dedicated stock-taking

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