How is RFID used?

Coriel’s connected technology has a wide range of use cases from inventory management & supply chain management to component identification, & maintenance. Read more about our solutions.

How is RFID technology being used in industry?

If you need to track the real-time location of assets and products in your supply chain at any stage in their lifecycle, RFID is an option. This technology facilitates extensive and accurate data which enables better decision making for your business. Depending on your organisational goals, Coriel can support you with a bespoke solution for your specific needs.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Offering the ability to detect the presence of vehicles instantly and automatically – together with their unique identifty. This information can be used to log movements over time or alerts to personnel and systems to prepare for pending arrival. Typical applications include rail and freight identification, electronic toll collection, gate access/automation & yard management.

Automatic Vehicle Identification allows you to intelligently manage your fleet of vehicles and make informed decisions with the use of data that will help you reduce your costs and optimise your people.

Brand Protection Technology

Your brand is likely your most important asset. Protecting your brand should not only be paramount to your business, but also to your customers. Our luxury brand protection and traceability solution is a practically invisible yet highly secure method of assigning a digital signature to your physical products. This can allow you to identify and authenticate your products offering you significant confidence that the goods are in fact yours.

Component Identification

Our component/assembly identification solutions allow complex manufacturing lines to run efficiently and in-field service and maintenance to be more streamlined and accurate than ever.

From providing automatic confirmation that component parts being assembled are correct at line side, to delivering accurate historical maintenance records during the operational life of products, having the ability to accurately identify these component parts provides a wealth of efficicency and safety benefits.

Item level identification

The Coriel item level identification and visibility solution has been developed based on years of experience and successful installations and now forms an integral part of most of the projects we undertake. 

As its most basic level, the solution provides a reliable way to read unique items quickly and then establish what the item is, where it’s been and more.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Our MRO solution uses established GS1 standards for the identification of industrial parts, the tracking of which enables maintenance departments to reduce time, operate more efficiently and prevent the types of mistakes that can lead to failures. 

By accurately tracking the location, user and usage of expensive tools and equipment, it allows you to ensure the right components are services and/or replaced.

Safety & Compliance

Accurately identifying physical items and linking them to the cloud-based storage of maintenance records, usage data and documentation, can transform your safety and compliance procedures. 

Coriel safety & compliance solutions make it easier to access critical safety inforation, make the workplace safer and ensure critical components, assemblies and products are maintained correctly.

Stock management & inventory

Stock Management & Inventory

Having a true and accurate view on where your stock is and in what volume is critical to any business. When managed efficiently, automated inventory systems can prevent costly ‘Out of Stock’ instances while at the same time reducing the overall quantity and value of stock on the shelf.

Coriel stock management and inventory solutions forma critical piece of our solution offering, allowing our customers to gain a level of visibility of their items that had not been previously available.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Operating vendor managed inventory makes perfect sense for both the vendor and the end customer but in practice, the complexities around managing a remote stock location, accurately managing inventory levels and ensuring the customer is invoiced reliably are challenges that can lead to this technology being overlooked.

The Coriel VMI solution provides the reliable item identification required for you to confidently run a remote stock location and not overlook the benefits of this fantastic concept.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Warranty & post-sales management

Fraudulent or accidental false warranty claims represent a huge loss to a business of any size and is a problem our customers face. 

We provide a stand-alone platform that provides a secure link between a physical item and its online profile. A ‘digital twin’ that holds all its service and maintenance history, purchase data, location and more – all of which helps to authenticate items that are returned for repair or replacement.

Work in Progress Visibility

A hold up at any point in your production line can have a huge knock-on-effect later down the line. Having complete visibility of work in progress allows you to have accurate line-side identification of people, parts and assemblies needed to understand exactly how efficicently the line is operating and identify areas where real-time problems exist. 

Vendor Managed Inventory

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