Where is RFID being used?

Coriel’s connected technology is used in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, rail and freight, retail and returnable assets, find out more below. 

What are the different industries that use connected technology?

Automatic Vehicle Identification allows you to intelligently manager your fleet of vehicles and make informed decisions with the use of data that will help you reduce your costs and optimise your people.

Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

Coriel are experts in supplying connected technology to the manufacturing industry, supporting inventory, facilitating instant access to essential information about components and assemblies and aiding safety and compliance. Streamline your operations using one or more of the following Coriel solutions.

Virtual stock locations with vendor managed inventory

Optimise the use of returnable assets around the supply chain

Streamline production lines and enable true JIT manufacturing

Online digital record of components and assemblies

Technology in the Oil & Gas Industry

We have extensive experience in implementing solutions that help identify industrial parts and tools, handle the often complex management of inventory and facilitate the secure exchange of digital information across supply chain partners. We do this across a range of industrial applications but have specific experience and proven results within the oil & gas sector.

Monitor & manage the location and health of pipes and valves

Maintain an audited and accurate online digital maintenance record

Ensure products provided and maintained are genuine

Control and manage the location and usage history of expensive tools

Technology in the rail & freight industry

Coriel has a strong heritage of working within the rail industry, helping our partners implement systems that effectively manage their fleet ensuring improved safety by identifying problems ahead of time, connecting vehicles and components to their ‘digital twin’ to offer enhanced maintenance records and reducing time and costs by knowing exactly where or when items will arrive.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

RFID tags, application and origination

Identification for the Alstom Train Scanner

Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD)

RFID – enabled component management

Technology in the Retail Industry

Coriel’s retail solutions provide retailers with end-to-end visibility, traceability and authenticity checks at every step through the supply chain – from suppliers all the way to the final customer transactions. Our edge-based infrastructure makes it simple to scale the solution as required while at the same time minimising installation complexities, which encourages adoption at more locations – therefore increasing overall visibility.

Inventory automation & accuracy

Better control of stock levels

Improvements across the online experience

Instant and reliable stock location

Optimised in-store/warehouse picking

Technology in the Returnable Assets Industry

We work extensively in this sector to help our partners implement systems that effectively manage their asset pools and ensure their customers have product available when they need it. Our experience helps these business gain a greater level of visibility of their stock levels, while reducing overall costs.

Gain complete visibility of your pooled asset fleet

Maintain a unique online record for each item

Track items movements reliably, facilitating per-use customer charging

Run proactive maintenance, wash & repairs based on time, state or usage

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