Solutions for Rail & Freight

Giving you the ability to reliably identify and track everything from complete rail vehicles to individual component parts.

Challenges of the rail industry

With safety being paramount within the rail industry, organisations are having to gain more insight into how their freight, assemblies and components are used, where they are and where they have been. Additionally, ensuring replacements parts, people and the complex tools required to perform maintenance are in the right place is an increasingly complex challenge. 

Coriel has a strong heritage of working within the rail industry, having delivered a wide range of projects utilising identification technologies, visioning systems and data analysis that allow our partners to reliably identify and track everything from complete freight vehicles down to individual component parts.

Where do we deliver value?

We work extensively in this sector to help our partners implement systems that effectively manage their fleet ensuring improved safety by identifying problems ahead of time, connecting vehicles and components to their ‘digital twin’ to offer enhanced maintenance records and reducing time and costs by knowing exactly where or when items will arrive.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

European standards now recommend the fitting of passive (no battery) RFID tags to all rail vehicles to allow for accurate identification at a range of locations. The Coriel AVI solution is capable of reliably reading these tags while the vehicles pass at extremely speeds.

RFID tags, application and origination

We have extensive experience in supplying RFID tags to the rail industry, where the need to have a secure, resilient packaging design and a tag capable of being read at speed and distance is key.

Identification for the Alstom Train Scanner

We provide the identification system used by Alstom’s TrainScanner, which uses sensors to scan freight as they pass through. A combination of scanners can instantly assess the condition of components & identify when they are nearing the end of their life.

Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD)

Coriel has developed a sophisticated Wheel Impact Load Detector system that can form an intrinsic part of your overall vehicle maintenance schedule. The WILD system combines vehicle automation with wheel impact sensors to alert the team if a vehicle is likely to have damage – allowing preventative maintenance to be carried out.

RFID – enabled component management

Uniquely identifying individual components of a rail vehicle using RFID allows engineers to instantly confirm they are about to undertake work on the correct component. Once confirmed, they are then able to access detailed cloud-based information about the item, including installation data, maintenance history and engineering documentation.


Rail & Freight Industry

Coriel are experts in supplying connected technology for use in the rail and freight industry. Our range of solutions have been developed to help train companies to effectively identify vehicles & components and enable them to run their operations more efficiently and safely. Take a look at the range of RFID solutions for the rail industry below.

Automatic Vehicle Identification

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  • Intelligently manage your vehicle fleet
  • Reduce cost using insights and usage data
  • Optimise people and systems based on accurate arrival data


Maintenance, repair & overhaul

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  • Accurately track expensive tools
  • Automate maintenance checks
  • Ensure the correct items are serviced


Vendor-managed inventory

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  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Better manage cashflow
  • Eliminate costly stock takes


Safety & Compliance

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  • Build a complete online audit history
  • Quickly trace items for recalls
  • Instant access to safety information


Item level identification

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  • Link physical items & digital data
  • Instant access to essential information
  • Facilitate on-demand production


Component Identification

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  • Ensure assemblies contain correct parts
  • Manage records for complex parts
  • Efficiently handle product recall


Success Stories

Take a look at some of our client stories where we have eased some of the operational challenges they were facing. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Alstom TrainScanner system quickly analyses the condition of critical parts on engines, carriages and freight vehicles as they drive though the portal. Coriel provide the critical identification technology for this project.

Coriel work extensively with the Network Rail team to provide the item-level passive RFID tags applied to their fleet of engines, carriages and freight vehicles. These identification devices are then used by partners across the world.

VTG manage over 95,000 railcars within their wagon hire fleet using solutions from Coriel that help ensure each car is inspected & maintained to the highest standard for their customer.

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