Solutions for Retail

Providing retailers with real-time visibility across the entire supply chain through scaleable edge-to-cloud solutions.

Challenges for the retail industry

Coriel’s retail solutions provide retailers with end-to-end visibility, traceability and authenticity checks at every step through the supply chain – from suppliers all the way to the final customer transactions. Our edge-based infrastructure makes it simple to scale the solution as required while at the same time minimising installation complexities, which encourages adoption at more locations – therefore increasing overall visibility.

Item-level management has huge benefits in improving inventory visibility whilst simultaneously reducing overall stock holding levels, and providing optimisations throughout the whole omni-channel retail customer experience.

Where do we deliver value?

Coriel works extensively in this sector to help our partners implement systems that provide instant visibility of the supply chain inventory, helping to achieve significant cost reductions and reducing the amount of stock held. This consequently helps customers to optimise their omni-channel experience seeing customer improvements in store and online.

Inventory automation & accuracy

The Coriel retail solution has been adopted by retailers across the globe, where our automated systems not only significantly decrease staff time, but importantly provide greater than 99% inventory accuracy.

Better control of stock levels

Having greater visibility on stock locations and movements allows you to significantly decrease stock-on-hand and virtually eliminate the need to carry emergency stock, with many customers seeing a 3x reduction in overall inventory.

Improvements across the online experience

Through optimising inventory, our customers are able to get product to customers faster than ever before and typically enjoy a 25% reduction in online cancellations due to delivery delays.

Instant and reliable stock location

Implementing an end-to-end retail inventory solution gives you instant and reliable visibility of where stock is right now. For many retailers the product locating time has reduced by up to 75%.

Optimised in-store/warehouse picking

Whether customer order picking happens in-store or direct from the warehouse, the Coriel retail solution completely optimises the process, reducing individual SKU pick times significantly whilst at the same time reducing pick errors.


Retail Industry

Coriel are experts in supplying connected technology for the retail industry. Our range of solutions have been developed to solve key problems that our customers face around brand protection and traceability, identification, stock management and warranty management. Find out more about the RFID solutions for the retail industry below.

Brand protection & authenticity

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  • Protect your brand & reputation
  • Ensure only genuine product is sold
  • Instantly verify customer returns


Warranty & post-sales management

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  • Verify returns & check their warranty status
  • Provide an online ‘digital twin’ warranty record
  • Optimise the customer returns process


Stock management

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  • Accurately understand stock levels
  • Reduce overall stock holding
  • Increase stock count accuracy


Item level identification

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  • Link physical items & digital data
  • Instant access to essential information
  • Facilitate on-demand production


Vendor-managed inventory

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  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Better manage cashflow
  • Eliminate costly stock takes


Success Stories

Take a look at some of our client stories where we have eased some of the operational challenges they were facing. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brazil’s largest sporting good retailer, Centauro spotted an opportunity to modernise its operations for its customers by implementing inventory management solutions across its more than 200 stores.

The RealReal wanted an edge on their competitors as they moved into the ‘bricks and mortar’ retail space. Since every one of their items is a unique SKU it was critical to implement a systems that would enable complete visibility and prevent loss.

With more than 50 stores across the Kingdom of Saudi, Rubaiyat is the number one luxury good retailer in the region. Implementing end-to-end tracking allowed them to increase stock accuracy by over 98%.

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