Industrial Line-side Readers

Designed to work seamlessly on your existing conveyor and transit rigs, corielLINE is a high-performing line-side system capable of reliably and quickly reading any item (or items) as they pass down the system.

Designed to work seamlessly on your existing conveyor and transit rigs, corielLINE is a high-performing line-side system capable of reliably and quickly reading any item (or items) as they pass down the system. Items can be read singularly, or in many instances the content of a container can be read, allowing sub-components or items to be reported without the need to remove them.

The unobtrusive design of corielLINE allows it to add huge value to your operations without any impact on the speed of conveyance, giving you accurate information about items as they flow through your manufacturing or warehousing facility. corielLINE is capable of reading cardboard containers, plastic totes and boxes, metal containers (such as kegs), individual component parts and sub-items contained in non-metallic containers.


Flexible reading

corielLINE supports the reading of almost any item or container as they travel down the conveyor, including metallic items and liquids.

RFID technology

We deploy the latest in RFID technology within corielLINE, which can read hundreds of items quickly and reliably, and at hight speeds.

Visual indicators

corielLINE comes with a range of visual indicators and sensors built in, allowing it to detect various items and give a visual status of operation.


All corielLINE devices are connected (wired or wireless) to the corielEDGE platform for control and data manipulation.

Industrial design

The industrial design of corielLINE means that it’s suitable for even the harshest manufacturing and warehousing environments.

Key benefits of the Forklift Truck Portal

Works with existing conveyors

corielLINE works with any existing conveyor system, giving you a powerful way to collect data without the need to invest in any additional hardware or infrastructure. In addition, there should be no need to reduce line speed, ensuring there is no drop-off in overall performance.

Immediate data

Line-side RFID readers provide your ERP/WMS/business systems with almost real-time information on the whereabout of items wherever they may be. In addition, collecting data at multiple points provided valuable block-chain history on the journey that products or assets have been on.

Designed for harsh conditions

Our speciality is designing RFID systems for extremely tough environments and harsh conditions, which is why corielLINE has been designed to be deployed in dirty and industrial environments. Where necessary, we will install secondary frame to protect the tech from impacts.

The Forklift Truck Portal from Coriel is the perfect compliment to our full range of products, which includes: industrial barcodes and tags, handheld computers, lineside readers, long-range antenna and more – all controlled by the corielEDGE middleware platform.

Powered by corielEDGE

All Coriel products are powered by our NodeRed-enabled middleware platform corielEDGE, which allows us to integrate RFID, barcode, IoT and sensors into your business critical systems with minimal fuss and no development. corielEDGE integrates seamlessely with Mojix ytem to offer complete end-to-end item-level tracking.

Success Stories

Take a look at some of our client stories where we have eased some of the operational challenges they were facing. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Operating over 2.5 million returnable kegs for the brewing industry is a huge challenge, which. ismade significantly easier through the use of Coriel identification and tracking solutions.

Contraload are one of the industry leaders in the provision and management of returnable packaging. We work closely with the team to implement their digital tracking solutions.

VTG manage over 95,000 railcars within their wagon hire fleet using solutions from Coriel that help ensure each car is inspected & maintained to the highest standard for their customer.

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