Brazil’s largest sporting good retailer, Centauro spotted an opportunity to modernise its operations by implementing inventory management solutions across its network of more than 200 stores

The problem

Centauro is a popular sporting goods retailer headquartered in San Paulo, Brazil with 8000 employees, a regional footprint of 211 retail stores and multiple distribution centers. On average, they manage the lifecycle of more than 40 million items per year across all aspects of their operations. With an initial objective to improve the reliability and visibility of their inventory and enhancing their omni-channel strategy, Centauro has successfully implemented a complete supply chain management solution based on RFID technology. Centauro is part of GRUPO SBF, which also includes, ByTennis, Almax Sports, and Nike Stores in Brazil

The solution

Centauro deployed a SaaS-based solution that enables, real-time, item-level visibility across the entire product lifecycle. The solution is a key asset to streamlining logistics and helping the retailer to consistently reach its operational goals, as well as strengthening Centauro’s customer-focused omni-channel strategy.

The solution revolves around the concept that any given product in a supply chain can be serialised with a unique digital identity (a “digital twin”). This provides a powerful foundation for enabling total product lifecycle visibility: track-and-trace from origin and manufacturing through to distribution centers, stores, and sometimes even after sale.

Centauro now know where their items are, where they’re coming from, which business process they’ve been through, and where they’re supposed to go next. Each time an item’s status changes, event data is captured and streamed to the cloud where it is processed, allowing operators to know, in real-time, the status and history of any item.

Knowing what I have in stock and what I receive in the store, I control practically my entire supply chain. We no longer see ourselves as two channels: physical and digital. Omni-channel is already part of the Centauro culture. We are a single company and we want the customers to see that. The Mojix solution has been a key enabler to our omni-channel execution.

Sérgio Silva Jardim Filho

Growth Executive Manager, Centauro

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