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Tosca has always been at the forefront of the reusable revolution. As one of the world leaders in RPC (Reusable Plastic Containers) and plastic pallets, Tosca was looking for an innovative traceability solution that would give them full visibility of its global pool of reusable pallets and containers. Achieving full observability of Tosca’s asset pool would have many benefits for them.

First, as Tosca’s mission is to eliminate waste at every turn, this would further reduce the waste caused by asset loss, theft, and damage.

Second, it would enable Tosca to repair damaged assets and return them to the pool more quickly.

And finally, it would drive asset management optimization resulting in increased rotations and avoiding shortages or overstocks in critical locations.

Tosca needed a clear view of its inventory of usable and shippable assets for end customers across all their sites in Europe, a visibility they are now able to share with their clients.

Tosca in the retail environment – Image: Courtesy of

The Solution

Mojix and Coriel were able to provide Tosca with a returnable asset (RTIM) traceability solution giving them a global view: real-time item visibility accuracy superior to 99%, increased asset rotation with fewer shortages and overstocks, labor optimization to free workers for higher value-added tasks, and ultimately, a significant improvement in their quality of service to customers.

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“Handling millions of items and hundreds of thousands of containers per day, there is tangible value in our being able to track our reusable containers in real time. All the supply chain stakeholders, logisticians, transporters, wholesalers, brands, and manufacturers can rest assured that the data is accurate. This enables a clear chain of custody that sets the stage for trusting relationships” 

Raf Fonteyn

Director of Technology, EMEA, Tosca

Key Achievements

Reduction in waste from loss, theft & damage

Enabled repairs to be managed more efficiently

Improved asset cycle times and reduced shortages

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