The Coriel
software platform

Our platform is both modular & flexible, allowing you to choose the building blocks that deliver most value to your business

The Coriel software platform has been built on our years of industry experience and is designed to be both modular and flexible, allowing you to choose the building blocks that will deliver most value to your business. Many of our existing customers use the platform ‘end-to-end’, whereby most of the data collection, interactivity, user interfacing and reporting is handled by us. Others choose to leverage the reliability of our unique Coriel.edge service and interface the data directly into their existing backend systems via the Coriel.gateway.


Coriel.edge handles the interfacing to all the edge devices and applications at the front-end. This powerful system provides a seamless and reliable mechanism to configure, manage and collect data from edge devices, provide local data manipulation, and ensure applications are optimally running at all times.


Coriel.gateway is a secure interface to the platform that allows 3rd party business systems (such as ERP, WMS and logistics planning systems) to exchange data safely, securely and at speed – capturing data from our edge devices directly or extracting data from our Coriel.core platform post processing.


Coriel.core is our central processing engine, with the capability to manipulate data acquired by Coriel.edge devices/applications and apply business logic or decisions – effectively creating self-contained applications that can be managed and delivering powerful business-level reporting. interfaces with our core platform, giving you easy access to the information you need as and when you need it. Here, data is converted into business information, often through Artificial Intelligence (AI), and presented in a range of options, allowing you to make informed decisions on how your solution can be optimised.

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