The Coriel
middleware platform

Our middleware platform is both modular & flexible, allowing you to choose the building blocks that deliver most value to your business

The Coriel middleware platform has been built on our years of industry experience and is designed to be both modular and flexible, allowing you to choose the building blocks that will deliver most value to your business.

corielEDGE FLOW provides a secure and customiseable interface to your existing business critical systems, such as ERP, WMS or asset management/movement platforms. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’ve integrated NodeRed into the platform, which gives you a proven, flexible method to ensure data flows correctly in both directions.

Using NodeRed, corielEDGE FLOW is able to seamlessly send & receive data, while additionally converting between multiple common data formats, such as XML, JSON, YAML, CSV and many more.

corielEDGE DEVICE handles the interfacing to all your low-level reading equipment, including barcode, RFID, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and RTLS. This abstraction layer translates common instructions into whatever language the supported device understands, keeping your systems and data agnostic to the type and manufacturer of the device.

This is hugely important for your investment, allowing us to often re-utilise existing on-site devices and allows the system to be future-proofed against equipment going End of Life (EoL) at some point down the line.

With corielEDGE GPIO (General Purpose Input and Output), you can interface with a range of common devices across your sites, sending/receiving data or simply setting and reacting to triggers. For example, the speed of a conveyor can be controlled depending on the read accuracy being seen, data can be pulled from temperature, humidity or vibration sensors and you can even control basic automation and dock doors.

GPIO is an essential, but often overlooked, function of any middleware.

At the heart of the Coriel Platform is corielEDGE CORE, which effectively handles the interfacing between each system component, together with the processing and storage of data.

Central to corielEDGE CORE is the Event Pipeline, down which all data passes. Here it can be cleansed, filtered, translated and augmented ready for storage on onwards processing. For example, we may tranlslate hundreds of unqiue RFID tag readings into a single line item suitable for sharing with the main ERP/WMS.

Despite data standards like GS1, many millions of RFID tags currently exist in the wild containing propietary data formats. The TAG DATA TRANSLATOR acts to quickly decode any tag format and translate it into a common data structure that can be shared across your application.

To avoid disruption or potential data loss, corielEDGE keeps a local cache of data on-site (either temporarily or permanently) to ensure that the whole system can access the information is needs, when it needs it. All data held in the DATA STORAGE CONTAINER is secured, yet highly available.

The SYSTEM CONTROLLER provides a human interface to the corielEDGE platform, allowing operators to interact with the system. This will typically be through a tablet or handheld-driven app, whereby data may be entered, options selected or equipment manually turned on and off through a single interface.

This simple, yet powerful module retrieves constant diagnostic information from all the hardware in order that the platform can ensure all devices are working correctly. The module is hardware agnostic, allowing logs, diagnostics and even firmware updates across multiple devices from various manufacturers.

This core function is constantly monitoring the hardware and data to ensure that everything is happening as it should. In the event of a problem, rather than simply providing a notification, it will attempt to remmediate the problem automatically, providing a summary of what was repaired.

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