Assembly / Component Identification

Coriel’s connected technologies help you to manage complex assemblies ensuring accuracy and efficiency

Assembly / Component Identification

Modern manufacturing and production processes must be flexible and dynamic, with complex industries such as automotive, rail, oil & gas and industrial machinery commonly running production links where each unit is likely to be unique in many ways. 

Our component/assembly identification solutions allow complex manufacturing lines to run efficiently and in-field service and maintenance to be more streamlined and accurate than ever.

From providing automatic confirmation that component parts being assembled are correct at line side, to delivering accurate historical maintenance records during the operational life of products, having the ability to accurately identify these component parts provides a wealth of efficiency and safety benefits. 

Why would you want to identify components within your assemblies?

Component and assembly identification is essential to ensure they contain the correct parts. It allows you to manage auditable maintenance and safety records for complex assemblies and efficiently handle product recalls based on faulty components.

Streamline complex manufacturing/assembly

The manufacturing and assembly of finished goods is a complicated process. For example, a vehicle production plant that once rolled-off thousands of identical models in batches now needs to have the flexibility to make unique changes on a per vehicle bases. Accurately identifying parts to a serialised level can ensure this entire process is completely streamlined – with the right parts being available for fitting to the right vehicles at the right time.

Correctly maintain and replace components

Being able to accurately identify individual components can be invaluable for maintenance and replacement purposes. As individual components are removed for inspection, their complete maintenance history can be accessed instantly. If/when the component needs replacing, a system check can ensure that the right part is being fitted before it is installed and associated with the main assembly.

Efficient disposal of waste electrical and electronics

Any organisation that provides electrical or electronic equipment must ensure that the parts are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Having the ability to automatically gather data on which components make up complex assemblies, the materials they contain and their history through operational life, enables you to efficiently dispose of component to WEEE standards at the point at which it becomes End of Life (EOL).

Where is this solution being used?

Why our customers choose us?

Coriel specialise in deploying component identification solutions into industrial environments, where making technologies such as RFID and sensors to work reliably can be challenging. Components and assemblies in these industries are typically made of metal, are complex in design and often exposed to a range of dirt, oils and grime – all of which make accurate identification difficult. It’s our experience in delivering reliable results in these environments that sets us apart.

Success Stories

Take a look at some of our client stories where we have eased some of the operational challenges they were facing. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Alstom TrainScanner system quickly analyses the condition of critical parts on engines, carriages and freight vehicles as they drive though the portal. Coriel provide the critical identification technology for this project.

VTG manage over 95,000 railcars within their wagon hire fleet using solutions from Coriel that help ensure each car is inspected & maintained to the highest standard for their customers.

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