Work In Progress Visibility

The Coriel WIP solution delivers an accurate production line-side identification of people, parts and assemblies needed to understand exactly how efficiently the line is operating and identify areas where real-time problems exist.

Production line / Work in Progress visibility

Manufacturing lines and production floors are complex environments, with a combination of inbound goods, logistics, production, QA and despatch all entirely reliant on each other. From a production perspective, it’s likely that each stage in the assembly line will have its own station, where specific operations are performed. A hold up at any one of these single stations can have huge knock on effects down the line, which is why having an efficient production line and complete visibility of Work In Progress (WIP) is so fundamentally important.

The Coriel production line / WIP solutions delivers the accurate line-side identification of people, parts and assemblies needed to understand exactly how efficiently the line is operating and identify areas where real-time problems exist, or long-term optimisations need to be made.


Why would you want to manage your WIP?

Tracking your work in progress will enable you to gain immediate visibility of the location of your items making sure that staff and tools are in the right place to avoid hold-ups and identify any bottlenecks that may make production difficult.

Immediate visibility of the status & location of WIP items

The Coriel WIP solution provides you with the data needed to understand exactly where every production item is (physically) and what the status is. If required, additional information about “who” is working on the item can be provided – providing you with a complete picture. This information gives you unprecedented visibility of your facilities and allows you to better plan further optimisations.

Tracking WIP items down to a serialised unit level

The RFID tags deployed as part of the Coriel WIP solution are all entirely unique, meaning that one production assembly can be identified from another with ease. This serialisation can be fed directly into your WMS/ERP systems and used for post-sales / warranty use further down the line, but additionally allows the various stations to understand why an item has arrived – for example, it may be for re-work.

Identifying where bottlenecks occur and quickly rectify them

Having improved visibility and data on your production line and WIP allows you to quickly identify which parts of the process are causing bottlenecks and therefore impacting stations further down the line. This information can allow you to quickly make changes to clear the problem – either on a permanent basis through redesigning the process, or by temporarily moving personnel around if a quick fix is required.

Where is this solution being used?

Why our customers choose us?

Coriel not only have a deep understanding of the core identification technologies need to provide accurate WIP visibility, but significantly years of experience around real-world integration with production lines. We understand that data captured line-side needs to be integrated deeply into your existing MRP and ERP systems, which is why our solutions are designed to process data on the edge and interact directly with these systems – or with your existing PLC systems.

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