Stock management & inventory

Coriel stock management and inventory solutions allows our customers to gain a level of visibility of their items that had not previously been available.

Stock Management & Inventory

Having a true and accurate view on where your stock is and in what volume is critical to any business. When managed efficiently, automated inventory systems can prevent costly Out of Stock (OoS) instances while at the same time reducing the overall quantity and value of stock on the shelf.

Coriel stock management and inventory solutions form a critical piece of our solution offering, allowing our customers to gain a level of visibility of their items that had not previously been available. This is hugely important for any business, but even more so with industries where stock is located at a range of sites – for example maintenance depots or partner sites.

Why would you want to manage your stock/inventory?

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Managing the parts for complex assemblies or BOMS

When a complex assembly, such as a train axle, needs to be replaced, it is critical that every single component is available to minimise delays and downtime. Coriel stock management solutions can ensure that the components of full assemblies are monitored individually – ensuring all parts are available when needed.

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Real-time updates to your inventory

Rather than relying on the error-prone human process of scanning items in and out of stock, Coriel stock management solutions can automatically sense the movement of goods and adjust inventory automatically. This information can be provided to central WMS/ERP systems quickly, ensuring that stock locations and volumes are always up-to-date and alerting when an unusual stock movement is detected.

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Automatic initiation of production systems 

For many of our customers, the items they manage using our stock management solution are of high value and have long production times associated with them. Automatically alerting production systems and teams of pending low volumes of stock therefore ensures that critical levels are never reached and the whole supply chain can operate much more efficiently.

Accurately understand what stock you have available and where it is.

Reduce your overall stock holding or inventory while reducing out-of-stock instances.

Lower the time taken & increase the accuracy of manual stock counts.

Why our customers choose us

We specialise in helping our customers manage large and complex items in environments that are typically not RFID-friendly – for example with large volumes of metal, an abundance of liquid or with assets that travel over long distances at high speed. We focus on the ability to deliver extremely accurate inventory data that forms a critical part of the overall business operations.

Where is this solution being used?


Rail & Freight

  • Improve safety by identifying problems ahead of time

  • Connect vehicles & parts with online maintenance records

  • Gain real-time notifications of vehicle arrivals

  • Identify parts & assemblies to component level


Returnable assets

  • Gain complete visibility of your entire asset pool
  • Facilitate per-movement charging to customers
  • Maintain digital records of usage & maintenance
  • Run proactive maintenance, washing & repairs



  • Streamline production and enable JIT manufacturing

  • Optimise returnable assets around the supply chain

  • Operate virtual stock locations and VMI

  • Maintain online records of components & assemblies


Oil & gas

  • Monitor & manage the location & health of pipes

  • Hold accurate digital records of maintenance & repair

  • Ensure authenticity & compliance of assets & components

  • Track people, tools and critical assets

Success stories

Operating over 2.5 million returnable kegs for the brewing industry is a huge challenge, which is made significantly easier through the use of Coriel identification and tracking solutions.

Contraload are one of the industry leaders in the provision and management of returnable packaging. We work closely with the team to implement their digital tracking solutions.

VTG manage over 95,000 railcars within their wagon hire fleet using solutions from Coriel that help ensure each car is inspected & maintained to the highest standard for their customers.

Explore other relevant service areas below


Vendor-Managed Inventory

  • Reduce low-volume transportation costs

  • Manage your cashflow

  • Virtually eliminate dedicated stock-taking


Component / Assembly Identification

  • Ensure assemblies contain the correct parts

  • Manage auditable maintenance

  • Handle complex product recalls


Safety & compliance

  • Build a complete audited history of an item

  • Quickly trace items in the event of emergency

  • Access critical safety information


Production line visibility

  • Track the status of your WIP items

  • Reduce hold-ups across the production line

  • Identify bottlenecks and quickly rectify


Item level identification 

  • Link your physical items and cloud based data

  • Hold essential information for instant access

  • Facilitate on-demand production


Warranty & post sales management

  • Verify warranty covered items

  • Link physical items with cloud based documentation

  • Introduce alerts on out-of-warranty events


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

  • Accurately track your tools

  • Carry out automated maintenance checks

  • Ensure maintenance accuracy

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