Warranty & post-sales management

Coriel.warranty, part of the Coriel platform, is a stand alone edge application that provides a secure link between a physical item and its online profile.

Warranty Management

Although the true size of deliberate warranty fraud and accidental false claims is unknown, Warranty Week estimate the value to be around 10% of warranty expenses or 2% to 4% of company revenues annually. This clearly represents a huge loss to a business of any size and a problem that needs to be tackled.

Coriel.warranty, part of the part of the Coriel platform, is a stand-alone edge application that provides a secure link between a physical item and its online profile. A basic online profile may simply contain the date and location an item was sold but could extend to pretendent service and maintenance or usage information – all of which helps to authenticate items returned for repair or replacement.

Why would you want to implement warranty and post-sales management functionality?

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Instant ID verification and confirmation of warranty cover

Regardless of the item you’re dealing with, you need be able to quickly verify if returned or faulty items are covered under your warranty agreement. The Coriel.warranty solution provides you with a quick and simple method of retrieving the full details of the item, including when it was made, when and to who it was sold and if the item is within the agreed warranty period.

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Using onboard sensors to verify warranty claims

For products where the presence of water, extremes in temperature, or massive vibration/shock would invalidate the warranty, RFID tags can be provided that feature a variety of onboard sensors. These sensors can detect these extremes and timestamp the event to onboard memory – allowing you to verify if any unusual events have occurred – and when.

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Tracing the original purchase and service history

The Coriel.warranty solution provides a permanent digital link between physical items and comprehensive online product and warranty information. In addition to key information such as the date sold and to whom, it provides important service and maintenance information updated during the lifetime of the item. This allows you to establish if, for example, a lack of servicing during its lifetime has now invalidated the original warranty conditions.

Instantly verify that returned or faulty items are covered under warranty

Provide a digital between physical items and cloud-based documentation

Introduce onboard sensors to alert on out-of-warranty events

Why our customers choose us

Coriel.warranty has been built directly into the Coriel platform as an edge application, providing you with the benefit of our secure IoT platform but without any of the complex integration or management required for bespoke applications. The solution can be integrated to your existing backend for the retrieval and update of information or can be operated as a completely standalone solution. This powerful application, coupled with our extensive knowledge of item-level identification provides you with a compelling out-of-the box solution to solving your warranty claim issues.

Where is this solution being used?


Rail & Freight

  • Improve safety by identifying problems ahead of time

  • Connect vehicles & parts with online maintenance records

  • Gain real-time notifications of vehicle arrivals

  • Identify parts & assemblies to component level


Returnable assets

  • Gain complete visibility of your entire asset pool
  • Facilitate per-movement charging to customers
  • Maintain digital records of usage & maintenance
  • Run proactive maintenance, washing & repairs



  • Streamline production and enable JIT manufacturing

  • Optimise returnable assets around the supply chain

  • Operate virtual stock locations and VMI

  • Maintain online records of components & assemblies


Oil & gas

  • Monitor & manage the location & health of pipes

  • Hold accurate digital records of maintenance & repair

  • Ensure authenticity & compliance of assets & components

  • Track people, tools and critical assets

Explore other relevant service areas below


Automatic Vehicle Identification 

  • Intelligently manage your vehicle fleet

  • Reduce cost using insights & usage data

  • Optimise people & systems based on accurate arrival data


Component / Assembly Identification

  • Ensure assemblies contain the correct parts

  • Manage auditable maintenance

  • Handle complex product recalls


Vendor-Managed Inventory

  • Reduce low-volume transportation costs

  • Manage your cashflow

  • Virtually eliminate dedicated stock-taking


Brand protection and traceability

  • Protect your brand from market copies

  • Establish when and where unauthorised copies enter your supply chain

  • Ensure returned items are authentic and qualify for replacement


Production line visibility

  • Track the status of your WIP items

  • Reduce hold-ups across the production line

  • Identify bottlenecks and quickly rectify


Item level identification 

  • Link your physical items and cloud based data

  • Hold essential information for instant access

  • Facilitate on-demand production


Stock Management / Inventory

  • Understand your stock levels

  • Reduce your overall stock holding

  • Increase accuracy of manual stock counts


Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

  • Accurately track your tools

  • Carry out automated maintenance checks

  • Ensure maintenance accuracy